Fried fresh small fish

Salty prawns

Galician octopus sprinkled with paprika

Fried artichokes

Preparing octopus in galician fair style

Griddled razor clams

For our dishes we use very good quality Galician sausage

Fresh fish every day

There are days when we cook dishes outside the menu. Today, pig’s feet

Steamed mussels


The streets of the Barceloneta are arranged like corridors running parallel and perpendicular to the Port de Barcelona, and draw us into a world of modest buildings, with balconies displaying clothes hanging out to dry and small ground-floor restaurants and tapas bars, filled with chatter, and permeated by the constant smell of the sea. The Barceloneta …

Patatas Bravas

Potatos in midly hot sauce.

Griddled olams in white wine

Tripe homemade

Pork’s tripe cooked in midly hot sauce.

Anchovies in vinegar

Flambéed pork sausage

Flambéed pork sausage in white ron

Cooking grilled prawns

Semi-dry spanish cheese

Homemade russian salad